About Us

We are Mormon Women (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) who love the Lord Jesus Christ and strive to follow His example and Keep His commandments.

We seek things of virtue and loveliness as we strive to raise righteous children in an world filled with all manner of wickedness.  We know that our faith in Christ strengthens us against the storms of the day.

Founder: Heidi G., Utah, U.S.A., 4th daughter in family of 8, and Mother of 3 wonderful teenagers!  Life has not been easy but....the growth has been worth it!  :)

I started this blog around 2006 after a strong impression that I needed to provide a safe and wholesome place for LDS bloggers to connect and intermingle; a place to provide positive content and to strengthen and lift one another.

Heidi Allen Garvin, Founder

As I read about LDS/Mormon Women across the globe who are striving to do well in their homes and families, who are dealing with all sorts of challenges and trials, who are talented and creative (even when they think they aren't) and are learning and growing and progressing and overcoming, I am gratified!

My hope is that this site will continue to be a place of positive 'refuge' as well as strengthening and buoying up.  We all need as much light and truth as we can get to counteract the opposite that is so prevalent in our society and in the winding-up scenes of these Latter-days!

Bless you for what you are doing!  Keep the Faith.  "The Caravan Moves On" and......the task is to stay with it - no matter what!  I hope this site will enlighten all who come to visit and/or stay.

- Heidi Allen Garvin

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